Sunday, January 20, 2008

Group 4 project...

group 4


We had done the Group 4 project successfully, only in two days...although after a little bit modification :P...we investigated the effect of yeast in different types of fruit juices. We chose orange, apple, and guava. We were having some problem in the first day of the experiment, the reaction of the yeast was too we decided to change some of the methods, then we succeed!! The second day we proposed to the lab assistant to continue the experiment in the afternoon, after the lecture....we wanted to finish the experiment as soon as possible, so next week we will be free! only finish the report....we were the only group in the lab that evening, so we were free to do anything!! :P ....after the experiment done, we were still not 'done' yet...the photography session still unfinished hehe...for those who don't know what Group 4 project is, let me explain briefly. The Group 4 project is a part of internal assessment (IA) for science subjects, either biology or chemistry, for medic students...then, if I not mistaken, in February...we need to present this project in science fair which will held in KMS. So this week we just focused on this project. Next week will be more tougher, I need to decided on my EE topic :-( I hope I can get good topic for EE


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bad start !!

The result for semester 1 had came out and of course i am not satisfied with it. I only got 32 points out of 42. It was really embarrassing. Even my parent did not satisfied with it. My friends could get better than me, many of them managed to get above 35, even one of my friend could get 40 points!! I don't know what had been done by him to get that good result.

So for this semester, I had promised to myself to study harder to get better result. I think it is not too late for me to improve my efforts on study. Maybe last semester I played too much especially with my laptop, all sort of games I had installed :p. But for this semester, until now i think there is only one game in my laptop, i hope the number will not increase next week the class will start again, that mean the assignments also will start filling up my tasks. I am still searching for my EE title. I also need to update my CAS logs and all the reflection. Oh no!! a lot of things to i need to find the suitable time to update my blog, maybe once a week, if i have the time......