Friday, September 19, 2008

seminggu sblm balik raya....

seminggu sblm raya....aku menghabiskn masa-masa berharga aku ni kolej....sblm balik raya, aku perlu siapkn experimen EE aku, ToK essay, n bbrapa notes IRP...xtau la sempat buat ke x huhu...xsmpt nk sediakn post yg lengkap utk blog ni, maybe lain kali la klu smpt...just drop by :-)

Friday, September 5, 2008


This week, I learnt something new. We, medic students, were asked to dissect a mouse. For me, it was a new experience. I never did it before. There were several pictures I captured during that lab session but I only showed a few here. Anyone who wants to see other pictures can asks it from me.

Ini adalah step plg awl utk dissect tikus. We must free the skin from the underlying body wall. If you want to know whether a dissection is perfect or not, observe whether you can see any blood come out from the body or not, if not, that is a perfect dissection. That is what I did. No blood at all!!. However, you don't know what happen at the end of the lesson, everybody started digging the mouse body. Like Hazim, he got the mouse brain! Khirul got the content of the stomach, Aizat got the tongue!, and Shahir got nothing :p...he tried to get the brain, but since the session had ended, he could not fulfilled his aim. Pity Shahir. It's ok, next time.

This is the dissection tools. I guess the mice might not want to see all this SCARY stuffs. Actually we are not using all the tools given, only a part of it.