Saturday, March 14, 2009

Love for Allah

If my love is attached to Thee
Then from sin I will be free
Each time my heart will beat
Your name will resound with heat
With your name shivers my each limb
They seek to be released from whim
Allah, Allah, is my hearts speech
Your Mercy is what I beseech
The Most Merciful keep me content
With all that You have sent
Keep in my heart Your remembrance
And in Your deen and love allow me to advance
Help me in my quest
Permit me to pass the ultimate test
Save me from the clutches of Satan
Give me death upon Imaan.

~got it from this blog

Sunday, March 8, 2009



Cuti kali ni kitorang jalan2 kat Melaka

It was really great as I could take a lot of pictures :-)

the scenes there were very beautiful, it is worthful if u're a photographer


Shahir ngn Redza ade je posing diorng...tu yg best nk amik gmbr hehe


gambar ni Farid yg amik...not bad, first attempt using my camera


haha ni idea redza...amik gmbr time lompat, masing2 ngn gaya yg pelik....menarik gk :p


anyway, ak harap dpt pegi tempat2 yg menarik lg

kepada kwn2 yg xpegi tu, sorry la xajk hehe

kitorang bertolak awl pagi lagi...masing2 tgh tido lg

thanks gk kat Shahir sbb bg kitorang ni menghabiskn makanan kat rmh ko :p


Friday, March 6, 2009

Jejaka-jejaka M31



ni je la budak2 laki klas ak...ade 7 org termasuk la ak

exam dh xlame....dkat dh

4 May 2009

lpas tu....masing2 akn pegi ke haluan msg2

tp ak sgt bhrap klu sume dpt pegi ke tempat yg sama

come on guys! we can do it! we must fly!

semoga kt dapat memanfaatkan program IRP dengan sebaiknya

tnggalkn game buat sementara waktu...tumpukan blaja dl

to all ib students year 2 kat kms...all da best!!!!