Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Result block 4 dah keluar.


Sememangnya unexpected.

Walaupun tidaklah secemerlang rakan-rakan yang lain, terutamanya kawan baik aku yang distinction semua, tapi cukup la untuk usaha aku yang tak seberapa ini.

Mungkin sudah terlambat untuk memperbaiki keputusan-keputusan yang lalu, namun masih tak terlambat rasanya untuk menghadapi exam final yang tinggal 16 hari lagi.

Doakan kejayaan kami semua.

Jom study!!!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Road to Final

When the exam just round the corner, I feel like I want to keep writing a new post everyday.

So that I can relief my pressure.

I don’t really like to write because my English is not that good.

I don’t want to write in Malay because I tend to use short form. Saya tak nak mencemari bahasa Melayu. (Exception in SMS and Facebook =P)

Today, especially tonight I’m in a better mood. Specifically about the exam coming.

Before this I felt depressed because I was so scared and disappointed with my previous results that were totally disaster.

But I’m really happy and motivated now.

I have gain my spirit back.

I’m back on the track (hopefully)

All because of the people around me that keep giving me motivations.

Thanks a lot ^_^

Mana boleh mengaku kalah sebelum berjuang, kan?


i want to attach at least one photo in every post I made, but since now I’m not having much time to take picture, no photo for this post =(  Maybe next time.

p/s: kak ida, i’d removed the annoying flame =P

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Study Break

Today was the first day I started my revision. The final exam is coming in about 3 weeks starting from today. My condition is like "egg at the tip of horn" (ibarat telur dihujung tanduk). My internal assessments for all subjects are just beyond or equivalent to the passing marks, which is very very dangerous. I'm very worry with myself. I don't know what have happened to me since I started my university life. Seems like I don't belong here. Almost all my friends, especially from KMS, are far more better than me. I can say that I'm the lowest among the others. Ashamed with myself. I'm not supposed to be like this.
Last few days, I talked to my uncle. My mom told him about my 'bad' condition here. He tried to give motivation to me. One thing I really remember about what he said, lebih kurang macam ni la "dulu-dulu hebat masa kat sekolah sains, tak kan sekarang tak boleh".
Yes, I admit that that day was far more better than now. Even the IB program in KMS, I can still get better marks. But now, everything was a turning point. I'm no longer able to achieve that level. I always think that I can do better in other courses. Because the ways of learning in Medic by only 'reading, understanding (mostly not), and memorizing" are not my way. I love calculation and answering question based on understanding and opinions. Just like Math and Business Study. But after all, I'd chose this course. So no turning back. I've to fight for it. Allah has better plan for me and He knows what the best.
Actually, I don't want to talk about this thing. It only 'stored' in my thought each and every second of my day. But once I started typing, the thought automatically 'diffuse' into these words, without I'm expecting it.

I want to talk about my revision today. But since it’s quite late for Maghrib prayer by now, maybe I can talk about it later (maybe). Here I want to share a few photos that I took this evening, after went back from library. I’m too jealous with my friend’s photos that she took really nice yesterday. So I tried my best to get photos like her, but I don’t think I can produce better. Nothing interest me this evening. But anyway, I just want to share. Enjoy ^_^



p/s: the photos are all unedited, because I just format my laptop. Also,  I accidentally deleted the installer for CS4. The CS5 installer got little problem. So I end up with no photoshop in my laptop, which quite ‘awkward’ haha….