Sunday, November 7, 2010



8 years ago, I was walking down a stair with a senior, who was in the school’s basketball team. At that time, I was in form one, in Sekolah Menengah Sains Sabah (SMESH). I don’t really remember what we were talking. What I can remember is I was very small at that time (until now actually), so the senior told me, "If you want to become taller, go play basketball”. So, starting from that moment I tried to learn how to play basketball. Since the hostel just beside the basketball court, I went there every chance that I got. After a few years, I don’t remember whether I was in form 3 or 4 at that time, I joined the training for SMESH basketball team. It was not last long. I knew that I really bad in basketball. So I stopped (there’s something happened actually in between, but I rather not to talk about it, don’t want to spoil others name.). Then, I just played like usual.

Form 4, I moved to Sekolah Menengah Sains Machang (SMACH). To make the story short, I joined the basketball team. My progress in learning basketball was getting better at that time. One of the school player there, who was really good, asked me to be on the team for the HKSBP. I was really happy at that time. I always dreamt that I can play for the school in HKSBP, since I was in SMESH. But then, things were not happened as I expected. After a long hours of training everyday, I even skipped my PREP class, I was not listed to be on the team (lot of things happened actually in between, again, which were quite dramatic, but it’s better not to talk about it, nama baik orang lain kena jaga). Then again, I just played like usual. But I was proud because that year, the team became champion in HKSBP and got second place in PPM, which was a big successful to the school ever since.

There were 2 disappointments in my progress in basketball.


But, of course I’m not stop playing. I love the sport very much. I don’t mind if I’m not in the team, as long as I can play happily with my other friends. But thing was different when I was in Kolej Mara Seremban (KMS). I love my teammates very much here because they really appreciated me as part of the team. We entered every single 3on3 basketball competition that were held in Seremban and also KL. Although we didn’t win, it was great to play with each other. It was the best moment in my basketball life.  I really hope I could play with them again.

So now, I’m here, in MMMC. I don’t know how to describe it here. It was soooo great. Basketball has connected me with different kinds of people, from different batches, different gender, different countries, different races, and it is all DIFFERENT!. I never thought that I’ll be in the college team (even though I only played less than 2 minutes in Intercollege Competition last time =P) and I was very happy to play for my batch, especially during the interbatch competition last year. Here, I met someone who has a really great enthusiasm and also crazyyy about basketball, more than I did. Who? Those in MMMC might know about HER (that’s the clue, she might be reading this as well =P).

There are lots more to talk about basketball, but I can’t keep writing, second year of medicine is killing me @_@

I just want to say that I’m really happy with what I am now. Alhamdulillah.  Basketball has taught me failure is not the ending of our life. As long as we keep trying, we’ll get what we want. Maybe we might not get it now, who knows in the future we can get even better. Allah has promised us that. So, just keep it in mind.


Someone asked me before, why choose no 8? Find out.