Tuesday, December 28, 2010

no need for a title


This is my favourite shot for this moment. I don’t know why but I feel calm when I look at it. That’s why I love photography!

But wait. Try scroll upward until you reach the header. Look at the two words below my name. Medicine. Photography. Which one comes first? Medicine right? That’s because my future lies in it. But what have I done to achieve it? Nothing. Yes, of course I’m now in a medicine school. I even finished my first year. Alhamdulillah. But the passion? Photography got it covered most of it. So why I want to become a doctor? I’m still searching for the answer. It’s not that if I’m not taking medicine I’ll take photography as my career. Absolutely not. Because I don’t think the future is promising. But as a hobby it is great. You’ll not regret it.

So what I want to be? It’s totally contrary with what I’m in now. What you got it mind? I’m sure you will think of an engineer right? Yeah maybe it’s true. But I’m not saying that I want to become an engineer. Try imagine what a doctor deals with; Life, health, diseases, drugs. Engineer; building, roads, highway, skyscraper, houses. I’m sure you got the idea what are the differences between this 2 professions. It just like one is in the east and the other one is in the west. And I’m stuck in one of those two sides.

I never regret what I chose for my life. Because I know Allah has chose the best for me. It’s my job to find out about it. Medicine is interesting. Really interesting. I admit it. You get to know what actually happen in our life, that most people don’t know about it. But MEMORIZING is really not my thing. And medicine is all about it. Mostly. Yes, there are few things that you need to understand, but I found out most of it are all about memorizing. Especially second year subjects =.=

So, what should I do?



I love doing what I like to do. I love to study the subjects that I like. But for now I don’t have any favourite subjects. All are depressing. That’s why I can’t study. But I have to. Dulu kalau bosan buat Math, now?…………………….that’s why hobby takes place.

Friday, December 10, 2010

[Exam Mode]


block 1 exam is coming within a week from now

it is the first exam that we would encounter in second year as medical student

honestly, i never take block exam seriously

but this time, i feel like preparing for university exam

i’ll feel guilty if i sleep in the evening

i’ll feel guilty if i watch tv series and play fifa instead of study

same goes with writing this blog entry in the middle of the night while reading the viral multiplication topic

but playing basketball is ok for me, it helps me in the other way

one thing i noticed recently, everyone kept pushing me to study, i don’t know why

but i don’t really mind about it, because at least it would be a reminder for me

i just wish that i can do better than the first year